Santa Clara County Friday Night Live

NAME: Vivian Luong
DATE 1/30/2016 PHONE: (408) 975-2730 x 420
EMAIL: Vivian.Luong@aaci.org

Santa Clara County/Andrew Hill High School Friday Night Live Youth Participants Taking the Lead on Underage Drinking Prevention Projects

Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI) has been awarded a grant to support Friday Night Live (FNL) youth leaders in the implementation of a variety of campaigns meant to directly combat underage drinking in their community. The grant is provided by the California Friday Night Live Partnership (CFNLP), with funding through the California Office of Traffic Safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It will give local youth opportunities to lead projects that will actively engage their peers, family members and community members in reducing underage drinking and the plethora of issues that impact our communities.

As a prerequisite for obtaining the funds, Andrew Hill High School’s FNL members participated in Roadwatch-an annual observational survey administered by the CFNLP with funding from the Allstate Foundation. For one hour on October 13, 2015, youth participants observed 127 incidents of distracted driving near the intersection of Senter Road and Capitol Expressway near Andrew Hill High School, ranging from talking and texting on cellphones to eating, drinking, and personal grooming. Andrew Hill High School was one of one hundred-nineteen sites throughout the state that observed a total of 12,569 distracted driving offenses on that day.

“It was very interesting to see how many distractions there are to drivers on the road from texting to doing their makeup and checking themselves out in the mirror.” – FNL Member

“Youth respond to other youth much better than adult driven and delivered messages,” says Dr. Jim Kooler, CFNLP Administrator. “And by supporting them with the skills and opportunities to make positive changes in their communities, we will see results that matter.”

For more information about the program, contact Vivian Luong, Program Coordinator at (408) 975-2730 ext. 420 or Vivian.Luong@aaci.org.

This program is funded by Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services Dept. – Substance Use Prevention Services

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