Changing Clients’ Lives Together/ As a Team

Support the Total Care of All AACI Clients

Yi, our awesome Health Center Nurse Manager was originally drawn to AACI because of the very diverse services offered in many languages. Being Chinese-American, he remembers his mother struggling to get medical help in the past, since she didn’t know anything about the medical system, or providers who shared her language and culture.

“The language is the biggest barrier for our patients,” Yi said. “I am very proud AACI Patient Navigators who speak so many languages and are able to help them navigate the system.”

Yi’s commitment to the care of all AACI patients is incredible and is not limited to the Health Center. Yi regularly goes beyond his normal job duties to ensure all AACI clients receive the best service possible.

Recently, Yi helped AACI’s Center of Survivors of Torture (CST)’s team with one of their  clients, Sadaf, who had experienced significant trauma and was dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). During a therapy session, Sadaf let Sallie, her counselor, know she was experiencing a medical issue. Sallie called Yi who immediately made room in his schedule to check on the client and conduct a health assessment during her therapy session. “Having her counselor present made it feel like a safe environment for the client,” said Yi.

Yi confirmed Sadaf needed to see a primary care doctor and scheduled an appointment for her within a week.

“Yi made my client feel very comfortable despite asking her very personal questions, and was sensitive to when she was clearly triggered. She left feeling supported and with a good plan for monitoring her health,” said Sallie. “Sadaf could have received similar treatment in the ER, but being able to support her in a peaceful therapeutic setting made all the difference in the world,” added Sallie.

Sadaf is very grateful for the care she received at AACI. In her words: “You changed my life. I came a long way because of you. I would have committed suicide if I didn’t meet you. I was broken and lost my hopes but now I am getting my passions back for life, future and success and nothing can stop me. Every appointment with you gives me a fresh breath and a new start. I cannot find words to say thank you.”

Thank you Yi and Sallie for working as a team and coordinating the best care to our clients!