A Rap for Change

A Rap for Change

Your support uplifts young artists like Aubrey Ilasco!

You can view Aubrey’s full rap and our other 2019 Best in Class and Honorable Mention winners at aaci.org/guaa.

Founded by NBC Bay Area and Asian Pacific Fund, and now hosted by AACI, the Growing Up Asian in America Art, Essay, and Video contest has been a platform for our young Bay Area artists to express themselves and explore their Asian American identities for the last 24 years. This year, AACI received hundreds of submissions from kindergarten to high school students across the Bay Area to share their contribution to America.

One writer and artist in particular who stands out amongst the rest is Aubrey Ilasco, a 3rd grader from Benicia, California. In the last 3 years, she has won Best in Class and Honorable Mention awards for both essay and art categories and still continues to impress us!

This year, Aubrey delivers a positive message to stand up against bullying while maintaining a fun rhyme scheme through a rap she had written titled “My Contribution to America.” “I was inspired by a rap by Baby Kaely about Sandy Hook” say Aubrey, “so I decided to make my own rap about bullying which I see at my own school.”

Through her writing, Aubrey has learned much more about herself. “I love to write it is my favorite topic at school…I want to be an author.” says the 3-time champion, “I want to keep entering these contests and making my voice heard…and even if I don’t win that’s okay I just want my message to be heard.” And in the words of the young writer,

“Believe in yourself; don’t listen to what they say.

Follow your heart. And it will go your way.

So we need to stand up. Get up on your feet!

Stick together, no more taking a seat.”

This program is only made possible by your support. Because of you, Aubrey and many other young artists, writers and filmmakers are inspired to find their voice through art and explore their identity.