Your Gift Gives Children the Hope They Need

Your Helping Hand Helps Children Feel Safe and Optimistic. In the midst of a difficult year, your gift makes all the difference to those who need it most. This month, around 100 children will walk through AACI’s doors. Each one of these children will need help coping with depression, anxiety, and trauma and your gift will provide this critical support. Without mental health counseling many of these youth will continue to feel isolated, hopeless, and disconnected with their families. With your help, AACI can continue to provide linguistically and culturally sensitive, intensive counseling services to the youth. 


Your gift keeps on giving every single day and provides safety and access to essential services to underserved and low-income youth and families – and thanks to our generous matching sponsor, your gift by August 15th will be DOUBLED! Give today and offer a helping hand.


Your Gift Will Be Doubled!

It is already the middle of the summer! AACI will be hosting a back-to-school drive supply drive for next school year.  You can support AACI youth clients with backpacks and school supplies to help them get a good start to the upcoming school year. These supplies will go to our young clients with the greatest needs such as foster and refugee youth.

This year, there are over 400 children on our list and you can help ensure that every child receives new school supplies to start the upcoming school year. Donate to bring a smile to low-income youth and families in our community.

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supports our youth programs to
host a community- based event
at high-needs schools.

provides a session for safe, friendly,
confidential access to help and education
about sexual health, contraception and family planning

provides essential school supplies
for low-income youth.

provides a book, a toy or a game
for therapeutic play
during counselling with a child.