Santa Clara County Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live

Santa Clara County Friday Night Live is part of a statewide Youth Development program operating in 52 counties throughout California.  Friday Night Live builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities. We provide our program participants with a safe environment, opportunities for community engagement, opportunities for leadership and advocacy, opportunities to build caring and meaningful relationships with peers and adults, and opportunities to engage in interesting and relevant skill development opportunities.

AACI SLAM Youth Conference

AACI Youth Programs is excited to host our annual SLAM (Sports, Leadership, Arts, Media) Conference on May 20th and May 21st, which is a FREE virtual event for Santa Clara County youth ages 12-18. The conference will feature 3 speakers and 1 concert performance by professionals in the topics of sports, leadership, art, and media. We’re especially excited for Linda Yvette-Chavez, the co-creator of Netflix’s Gentefied! Youth will receive a conference kit and could win raffle prizes throughout the two-day event. Register for SLAM and learn more at our SLAM website.

Get involved

Sign up by completing this form so that we can contact you about the next Chapter Meeting happening at your school. You must be a registered student at one of our schools to attend the Chapter Meetings. Read the program descriptions to find our current school sites.

To learn more about current Youth Program events and youth community resources, visit our Bulletin Board.

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Santa Clara County FNL Program
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About the Program

FNL Kids:

FNL Kids is for 4th to 6th grade students.  FNL Kids focuses on leadership development, basic skill building, and creating community awareness.  Program topics include learning how to address peer pressure, establish healthy relationships, and live healthy lifestyles. Youth will have opportunities to work on community-wide projects that focus on health promotion. FNL Kids is held at:

  • Marshall Pomeroy Elementary School

Club Live:

Club Live is for 6th to 8th grade students.  Club Live programming includes hands-on activities and project development for youth.  Club Live program participants learn about substance abuse and healthy lifestyles.  Youth participants will have opportunities to build leadership skills and engage in hands on activities to better their community.  Past projects from Club Live members have included Public Service Announcement video productions, poster campaigns, and data collection. Club Live is held at:

  • Geroge V. Leyva Middle School
  • South Valley Middle School
  • Sunnyvale Middle School
  • Sylvandale Middle School
  • Renaissance Academy at Fischer
  • William Sheppard Middle School
  • Monroe Middle School
  • Columbia Middle School
  • Thomas Russell Middle School

Friday Night Live

FNL is for 9th to 12th grade students.  FNL builds partnerships between youth and adults to create positive and healthy youth development.  The program engages youth as leaders and resources in their community.  Youth are provided with trainings, workshops, and networks to carry out campaigns and projects to promote healthy lifestyles amongst their peers and in their communities.  Projects from past FNL members have included PSAs, involvement in governmental affairs, and photo galleries.

  • Andrew P. Hill High School
  • Milpitas High School
  • Downtown College Prep El Primero
  • Yerba Buena High School
  • Abraham Lincoln High School

Santa Clara County Friday Night Live Youth Council (SCCFNLYC)

The Santa Clara County Friday Night Live Youth Council is a group of young people committed to raising awareness on youth issues within Santa Clara County.  The council includes young people who are experienced in youth leadership and advocacy.  Members have opportunities to represent their Friday Night Live chapters and work with other chapters in the County to address wider community issues while strengthening their own communities.  Youth council members will also be exposed to advanced skill-building and youth development opportunities and build meaningful working relationships with other youth commissions and adult allies across different entities.  SCCFNLYC is held at:

  • Our Office on Story Road
  • Via Video and Phone conference meetings

Applications for the Youth Council are open now! The deadline is Friday, January 15th. Apply now by completing this form. If you have any questions, please contact the FNL Program Lead, An Bùi at an.bui@aaci.org.