Tiffany and Vincent, and Mental Health Counselor Kathy

Your gift at work for a bright young boy and his mom!

Because of you, parents do not have to feel shame about asking for help

AACI’s counseling services gives children like Vincent, and his parents a tool set for how to overcome challenging behaviors and to communicate.  When Tiffany, Vincent’s mom, reached out for help, your support gave Vincent a counselor to listen and guide him as he learns and grows.

Tiffany, a Vietnamese immigrant, is a busy housewife and mother of four young children. Recently, she began to notice her 9 year old son, Vincent, was restless and struggled with concentrating in school. He neglected his homework, threw tantrums and argued frequently with his dad. Vincent’s grades were also suffering as a result. Desperate for help, Tiffany applied to get Vincent extra services through the school, but was told her son didn’t qualify.  Instead the school district referred her to AACI.

When Tiffany first came to AACI with Vincent she was apprehensive.   “It is a challenge for some parents to ask for help … there is shame and stigma around it” said Tiffany, “Vincent’s counselor told me on our very first visit I didn’t need to be scared about mental health.”

Vincent met with his counselor regularly, along with AACI’s psychiatrist, and learned more appropriate ways to express himself and communicate respectfully.  With their guidance, Tiffany also learned techniques to help Vincent and how to advocate for Vincent’s education.

“I am very happy with AACI services. Vincent has made enormous progress and his condition has improved a lot. AACI always goes the extra mile for Vincent and my family … our counselor is a great listener, understands the challenges my son and I have, and explains the rights I have as a parent,” Tiffany added.

Today Vincent is doing much better and making great progress in school and at home.  He is more receptive, listens to his parents and his reading level has improved greatly!

“Thanks to his AACI Counselor Kathy, my son Vincent has made enormous progress and his condition has improved a lot. Kathy always goes the extra mile for Vincent and my family. I am truly grateful.”

A gift today of $160 will provide a counseling session for a child struggling to focus in school.