Moments Youth Conference

The AACI AMPLIFY program will be hosting its first ever youth conference alongside Kollaboration San Francisco and Yerba Buena High School ASB. MOMENTS, a conference geared toward high school youth and focused on creative arts and empowerment will look to connect youth with positive adult peers while giving these artists a chance to mentor and inspire a younger generation. The day will consist of educational skill-building workshops through different forms of creative arts, a panel discussion, along with a show at the end where everybody can just come together and enjoy positive vibes.

Additional funds would greatly help us in many areas. We want to be able to provide enough refreshments and dinner for all the youth participants, volunteers, along with the artists and staff. The funds would allow us to keep everything absolutely free for the youth to participate and to enjoy this opportunity. We also dream big. Your funds would give us the possibility to bring out either a keynote speaker or headline performer to further inspire the youth. Your donations matter.

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