Mai, Patient Navigator , Nadima CST client

A Trusted Family to Help

You Relieved Nadima’s Fear and Anxiety

You may have never heard of Patient Navigators but they have become familiar faces at AACI’s Health Center, helping patients find their way through the complex American health care system.  When Nadima, an immigrant and non-English speaking patient, received a medical bill she did not understand, she was scared.  But your support gave Nadima a compassionate Patient Navigator named Mai who helped her resolve the problem and relieved Nadima’s anxiety.

Mai is an amazing Patient Navigator at AACI Health Center. Each day she greets patients with her kind and approachable smile and makes sure each patient feels comfortable communicating with their doctor and navigating their health care benefits.

“As a Patient Navigator, I am really happy to help immigrants every day. Patients treat us like family members. They ask us questions they might not ask doctors,” said Mai.

Mai always goes the extra mile to make sure all AACI clients receive the best service. She recently helped Nadima, who also receives services at AACI through our Center for Survivors of Torture (CST).   With help, Nadima has achieved her dream of self-sufficiency and freedom by becoming a U.S. citizen and finding a job. She loves AACI and she now regularly comes to the Health Center to receive medical care.

Last month, Nadima received a huge medical bill from Valley Medical Center (VMC) and panicked. She doesn’t speak English and was not sure what to do, so she immediately called AACI for help. The same day, she was able to meet Mai at the Health Center. After looking into her records, Mai realized Nadima’s insurance information was missing, which resulted in a large bill. Mai then called VMC on Nadima’s behalf and solved her billing issue painlessly.

“I felt so relieved after AACI helped me. Picking AACI as my clinic was the best choice I made. I trust AACI!” said Nadima.

“Picking AACI as my clinic was the best choice I made, I trust AACI!”

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