Healthy Living Blog – How to Help Children Get Used To Wearing Masks

Healthy Living Blog – How to Help Children Get Used To Wearing Masks

In California, face coverings are required when going to indoor or outdoor public spaces. They include homemade or bought cloth masks, bandanas, scarves, surgical masks, and N95 masks. Children over the age of 2 should wear a mask.

Talking to children about wearing face coverings 

Children may be questioning why they have to wear masks. Parents and guardians can simply explain to them that “masks stop the spread of germs that can make us sick” or that “we have to keep our germs to ourselves.”

More tips for talking with children:

  • Don’t use scary language and images to describe what could happen if masks are not worn. Children might connect wearing masks to something scary.
  • Allow them to ask questions.
  • Get them to see how many people are wearing masks. This shows them that it’s not weird if lots of people are doing it because it keeps everyone healthy.

How can children practice wearing masks?

Kids can practice wearing masks at home before going out to public places to make sure they get comfortable in them. Here is how parents and guardians can do that!

  • Parents can “model” wearing their masks around the house. This can get kids used to how masks look on other people.
  • Slowly have kids wear their masks for longer periods of time each time. Start off with a few seconds and then build up to a couple of hours without them taking it off.
  • Take pictures of kids with their mask on so that they can see how they look. Say positive things about their look so that they can feel good while wearing their masks.

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