Healthy Living Blog – Empathy and Generosity during the Holidays and Beyond

Healthy Living Blog – Empathy and Generosity during the Holidays and Beyond

During the holiday season, there are many opportunities for people to help those in need. This could be feeding the hungry, providing living necessities for the unhoused or donating toys to less fortunate children. Kids and teens can get involved in these opportunities to give back to their communities and practice empathy and generosity. After all, that is the true holiday spirit.


What are empathy & generosity?

Empathy: Researchers generally define empathy as the ability to sense and feel other people’s emotions (“affective empathy”) and the ability to imagine and understand what another person might be feeling (“perspective empathy”).

Generosity: The virtue of freely giving one’s resources and support to others, especially to those in need.


The benefits of selfless giving

Overall, having generosity can boost well-being in the long term. Kids & teens can carry this behavior into adulthood and live a happier life.


What are ways kids and teens can practice empathy and generosity? 

  • Kids and teens can make small gifts for their peers.
  • Volunteer at local community organizations. Younger children can volunteer with their families. Teens can volunteer with their friends or a school group.
  • Kids and teens can gather items they don’t use anymore to donate to toy and clothing drives.


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