Whole Person Care

What is Integrated Behavioral Health?

It is healthcare that intervenes at the biological, psychological and social levels. Our primary care physicians and our Behavioral Health Team (Psychologists & Peer Partners) work as a team to help you cope with your medical condition both physically and emotionally. Your Behavioral Health Psychologists can help you make appropriate lifestyle changes to improve your medical conditions, ability to cope with depression, anxiety or stress related to your medical condition, and  help to resolve and support your life concerns or discomfort regarding medication adherence or medical procedures.

How Does It Work?

If you are eligible for our Integrated Behavioral Health service, your PCP will introduce you to our Behavioral Health Psychologists who will typically work with you short term (6-12 weekly individual sessions) to achieve your goals. Health education and support groups may also be offered based on need and availability.  Your progress will be assessed regularly by the team in order to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment and make appropriate adjustments or referrals.

Who is Eligible?

Health Center Patients who are:
  • Adjusting to a newly diagnosed medical condition
  • Struggling to effectively manage their chronic disease (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain)
  • Struggling with insomnia
  • Depressed or anxious
  • Working on lifestyle changes (ex. smoking cessation, weight management)
  • Referred by their primary care physician for other issues

Program Philosophy

At the AACI Health Center, we understand that managing a medical condition may be difficult at times. We believe in the mind-body connection and care about your emotional wellbeing as much as your physical health. Therefore, in addition to treating your medical condition directly, we strive to provide exceptional holistic care through our program. Our Behavioral Health Psychologists will help you cope with stressful situations, behaviors or moods that may affect your overall medical condition and recovery.


  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese


For more information please email referral-ibh@aaci.org or call (408) 975-2730 and ask for Integrated Behavioral Health.