Services for Refugees

Services for Refugees

Refugees and asylum seekers are forced to flee their home and countries, often at a moment’s notice, in order to save their lives. They may have experienced extreme forms of trauma which can have long-term physical and psychological impacts, requiring both medical and mental health care. They also are managing issues related to displacement of country, culture, employment and family. Their trauma is often exacerbated through the resettlement process, triggered when they attempt to negotiate unfamiliar systems in the United States.

Who is eligible?

  • Refugees (including Asylees) who have entered the United States within the last 7 years
  • Children through Older Adults

What services?

AACI’s New Refugee Program focuses on Mental Health Prevention and Intervention Services

  • Brief therapy (up to 12 months) in various modalities (individual, group, family)
  • Collaborate and coordinate case management services with resettlement agencies
  • Medication support services, when needed
  • Utilize services and interventions that are culturally relevant, strengths based and support the traditional beliefs of the refugee

How to obtain service

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving mental health services or you would like more information, please call the New Refugee Services message line at:

(408) 975-2730 x232  

Please leave a message and mention your preferred language and a staff member will contact you.

CST Services

CST provides culturally competent services to torture survivors using a client centered approach which is multidisciplinary, holistic, and strengths based. This service approach capitalizes on the clients’ resilience and internal resources as well as external support to identify the unique and comprehensive needs of the survivor.

CST advocates for the civic engagement, health care access and social justice for these survivors of torture. We aim to be the voice for these survivors by providing them with the insight into the effects of torture, and the consistent care to re-establish trust, bring damage under control, and help relieve exile by enabling some mastery of problems in a new country and culture.  We also participate in advocacy in the State Legislative level to bring awareness about the presence of torture survivors in our state and encourage support of California and national torture treatment centers.

In addition to direct client services, CST staff conducts trainings for legal, medical and social service providers and provide psycho-education and outreach to organizations and community members.