Ask AACI: Why is exercise important for older adults?

In this Ask AACI segment, Dr. Lucy Martinez answers your question!

“Exercise is often recommended because it is important in maintaining health and wellness. But did you know that it is even more important in aging and older adults? Regular exercise can help older adults stay independent. The health benefits include boost in immunity, improve strength and flexibility which would reduce the risk of falls. Exercise can help improve mental health and prevent or delay chronic conditions such as stroke, diabetes or osteoporosis. Exercise doesn’t need to be vigorous to be helpful. Talk with your doctor to make sure the exercise program you choose is designed with your health, safety and wellness in mind.”

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lucy martinezDr. Lucy Martinez is originally from Wasco, California, a small agricultural town in the Central Valley. Dr. Martinez completed her Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology at Stanford University. After graduating from college, she continued her research in child language development, implementing a Latina parent intervention to promote English and Spanish language skills in children ages 0-3 in East San Jose. Dr. Martinez then attended medical school at the Charles R. Drew University (CDU)/UCLA Medical Education Program at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She returned to San Jose to complete her residency in Family Medicine at the Kaiser Permanente San Jose Family Medicine Residency program, where she has been able to shape the way the program teaches community medicine by leading the development of the residency’s curriculum. Her interests include health equity, reducing health care disparities, language concordance, adverse childhood experiences, and graduate medical education. She is very excited to work with AACI as the KP San Jose Family Medicine’s first Community Medicine Fellow!

Disclaimer: The information provided by the Ask AACI video series is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of consultation with your physician.

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