Ask AACI: What is the suggested amount of Vitamin Intake?

In this Ask AACI segment, our dietician Elsie Szeto answers your question!

“I will be talking about the topic of Vitamins, how much is necessary or needed. It will all depend on whether your doctor has prescribed any vitamin pills for you or if you feel like you need to take some supplements for your own health. Do not take more than what’s needed of 100% to meet your daily requirement, usually that’s one tablet and there could be side effects if you take more than that. One needs to understand that do not take more than what your body needs.  

And sometimes certain vitamins are not necessary, if you’re deficient then yes, especially if the doctor has indicated and prescribed, but to do it on your own, do not take more than necessary that’s needed, so please remember that for your health! Do not take more than necessary to meet your vitamin needs, and if you eat properly you might not even need to take the vitamin at all, so please take care, Bye!”

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Elie Outaide

Elsie Lee Szeto was raised and born in San Francisco, CA. She went to Chinese School in San Francisco for 6 years from grades 1-6 besides going to Elementary, Jr. High and Lowell High School. Elsie received a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Master of Science in Nutritional Science at San Jose State University and did her Dietetic Internship at UC Berkeley. Elsie has worked at various acute care hospitals in the Bay Area which includes Kaiser, Good Samaritan, Washington Hospital and Salinas Memorial Hospital. She also has experience working with children and students at various school districts. Other work experience including working with seniors at skilled Nursing facilities, Home Health agencies and community health organizations. Her interest includes promoting healthy eating for good health like giving out fresh fruits for Trick or Treats on Halloween. Working at AACI will give her the opportunity to promote Nutrition through patient consultations, Nutrition Workshops, Cooking demonstrations, Nutrition flyers and Social Media. 

Disclaimer: The information provided by the Ask AACI video series is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of consultation with your physician.

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