Asian Women’s Home Hosts Clothesline Project and Origami Crane Folding Day

October 20, 2014

On October 18th, Asian Women’s Home, the domestic violence program at AACI, hosted a Clothesline Project and Origami Crane Folding Day in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Clothesline Project provides a way for survivors and supporters of the anti-violence movement to express their feelings about domestic violence. One participant mentioned wishing she had chosen a bigger t-shirt because she didn’t realize she had so much to say, but was glad she was able to share her message. Members of the community donated t-shirts and ethnic garments and decorated them with personal messages of awareness and empowerment that are now displayed in AACI’s lobby throughout the month of October.

Community members also came to fold paper cranes for the Purple Crane Project. These origami cranes symbolize hope and strength and are attached with information for those experiencing domestic violence on how to seek help.  Asian Women’s Home distributes the purple cranes throughout the community to raise awareness and inform people what services are available.

The incidence of domestic violence cuts across all socioeconomic groups and cultures, yet in many communities domestic violence is seen as a taboo topic. About 41% of Asian women in the U.S. report experiencing physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner during their lifetime. In Santa Clara County, where 34% of the population is Asian, AACI Asian Women’s Home is able to bridge service gaps and provide free and confidential services in 16 languages and dialects.

Please visit this link for more information about the domestic violence services that Asian Women’s Home offers. Our 24-hour hotline is (408) 975-2739.

cropped clothesline



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